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Morning Worship in the Parish Church
Sun 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Welcome to Parkham Parish

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Welcome to Parkham. Moving south from the sea the parish includes the hamlets and villages of Northway, Horns Cross, Foxdown, Hoops, Newhaven, Goldsworthy, Parkham Ash and Broad Parkham. The parish consists of approximately 830 people and 300 dwellings.


Parish Council meeting in brief


A Parish Council meeting was held in the Allardice Hall on Monday, 6 September, chaired by Councillor Graham Bridger and attended by Councillors Mrs Beer, Dack, French, Heywood, Lang, Richmond-Price, Slee, Smart, Smith, District Councillors Boughton, Mrs Dart and Harding, and five members of the public.

The Chairman firstly apologised in relation to Declarations of Interest in connection with Planning Applications at the meeting on 2 August where some Councillors left the meeting.  On checking with the Monitoring Officer at Torridge District Council, the position was confirmed and this was advised at the meeting.

The Chairman welcomed newly co-opted Councillor Smart to his first meeting.

Representations from the public were heard in connection with a Planning Application being considered later in the meeting.


Apologies were received from County Councillor Wilton-Love.

Declarations of Interest.  Councillor Mrs Beer declared a Prejudicial Interest in connection with a payment under the Finance Section.

The Minutes of the last meeting were approved and signed as a correct record.


Two Planning Applications were considered.  Torridge District Council Planning Decision Notices were noted.

Night landing sight planning permission had been given, it was confirmed that planning permission for a new entrance to the site was not necessary.


District Councillors Boughton and Mrs Dart agreed to give £500 of the Community Councillor allocation towards the installation.  Arrangements are now being put in hand for the facility to be installed.


Clarification was given regarding Parkham Residential Development Sites – five units or more 2015 – 2021.


Balances were given and budgetary figures to the end of August circulated to Councillors.

The insurance renewal premium was agreed, as was other payments. 

2020/21 Audit.  The Clerk is in the process of following up the items raised by the internal auditor.


Matters arising from the Minutes. 

Event for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  This is being organised by Councillor Richmond-Price who is calling a meeting of organisations to decide on the items to be arranged.

Public Open Space adjacent to Stanley Court. The official opening was on 10 September.

The Parish Council’s insurance policy had been extended to cover the land.  A few more tidying up arrangements are required.

The Neighbourhood Plan item was deferred to the October meeting.

Other items discussed were the re-painting of the bus shelter interior which was peeling; 30mph signage in the Parish; lamp post and glass on light at Village Green and request for allotments where there is an ongoing discussion about the possibility of some land.

Councillor Smart advised that he has 7 Parkham Parish Highway Rates Books dating from the 1840s which he will take to the North Devon Record Office.


 First time sewerage application for Bucks Mills.  A review meeting is to take place and the Parish Council will be kept informed of any further information.


Urgent items raised by the Chairman.  There had been very favourable comments from residents and visitors about the beautiful floral display on the Village Green.


Next meeting:  Monday, 18 October in the Allardice Hall at 7.30pm.

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Parkham Pantomime

Parkham Panto’s: 


For performance in FEBRUARY 2022 

Why not join our newly formed enthusiastic team?

Our first AUDITION and First READING is open to  EVERYONE.

Come along and find out more . 

Due to COVID isolation this Audition is now on Tuesday 12th October:  

Starting at 7.00pm In The ALLARDICE HALL

Many volunteers needed as:

Actors Dancers Singers Musicians 

Scenery builders and movers Make-up Costume Lighting Sound Prompts 

Front of House and Ticket sales 

Come and join us in what promises to be a team full of  fun, laughter, friendship and just a little hard work 

Further details call (01237)451 552 

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