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Welcome to Parkham Parish

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Welcome to Parkham. Moving south from the sea the parish includes the hamlets and villages of Northway, Horns Cross, Foxdown, Hoops, Newhaven, Goldsworthy, Parkham Ash and Broad Parkham. The parish consists of approximately 830 people and 300 dwellings.


Hawkan View

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Parishioners will be aware that work has started on the site to the south of the village hall and that foundations for some homes are complete and that one home is well advanced . The aerial photograph shows the extent of the development.

Pearce Homes will build 14 homes of which two will be available for local people to purchase at 70% of market value, future sale of the properties will be subject to the same criteria.

A further home will be sold to a housing association and will be available for rent at social rent level. A number of local people expressed an interest in these discounted homes some time ago when Pearce Homes and the Parish Council were establishing need at the planning stage.

If still interested those people may wish to register as a user Click here for the discounted homes and for the rental home, these homes will be advertised here when they are complete Click here.


When the project is complete an area of land adjacent to the village hall will be transferred to the village along with a sum of money to be used on the development of the area for recreational and social use. This land will be known as a public open space. This land will be owned by the Parish Council but let to the Allardice Hall trustees who will manage it on behalf of the community.

During the next few months it is the intention of the trustees to call a meeting of local people to consult on the best way this land may be used. (There are of course strict rules over what can and cannot be done with a public open space)

On looking at the aerial photograph the land in question can be seen clearly, it is adjacent to the hall and is the area that is being used by the builders for their temporary buildings and storage of materials.


Parish council in brief

NOTES OF PARKHAM PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON 29 JUNE BY TELECONFERENCE.The meeting was chaired by Councillor Bridger and attended by Councillors Dack, Heywood(from minute 17.2), Lang, Slee, Richmond-Price and District Councillor Harding(from 17.2)

Representations from the public. Suggestion that the seats and tubs on the
Village Green were varnished, discussed under the Finance Section; two separate
representations regarding the DCC Planning Application in respect of Babeleigh
Quarry operations.


Declarations of Interest. Councillor Slee declared a Prejudicial Interest in Minute
No. 17.1 – cheque for Mrs L Slee, his wife.

Approval of the Minutes of the meeting held by teleconference on 18 MAY 2020. Approved as correct record.

Planning.    DCC Application regarding method of extraction and hours of operation
and installation of an additional screening bund at Babeleigh Wood Quarry.
Representations from the public were considered. It was decided to respond: “The
general feeling of Parkham Parish Council is that the variations are acceptable”.

Planning Correspondence.   TDC Decisions noted:

Finance  Balances were tabled and payments authorised.

Payments were approved with Councillors being at ease for Councillor
Slee to remain while these were authorised.
The accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020 were approved.
The Asset Register was updated.
2019/20 Annual Return. Section 1 Annual Governance Statement was approved.
2019/20 Annual Return. Section 2 Accounting Statements were approved.
2019/20 Annual Return. The Certificate of Exemption Part 2 was approved.
The 2019/20 Statement of Internal Control was approved.
Lloyds Bank Bond. It was agreed to reinvest the funds with accumulated interest for
3 months until 25 October 2020. Enquiries to be made about other places to invest
the money attracting a higher rate of interest.
Refurbishment of the bus shelter had taken place.
Councillors accepted the offer of a parishioner to varnish the seats and tubs on the
Village Green where only reimbursement for the materials would be required.
The quarterly payment for the lease of the photocopier in the Primary School will be
taken by direct debit on 25 July 2020 amounting to £202.69 (£168.91 net of VAT).

Matters discussed:

Resurfacing of Acre Road. DCC Highways had confirmed that
this would be completed in the 20/21 financial year. Due to the current Covid-19

situation all planned works were on hold, dependant on how long the current
situation continues, it may affect works delivery.

Items to note.
The addendum to the Standing Orders had been personalised to Parkham Parish
Mrs Slee had been advised that Councillors were in agreement for her to obtain a
replacement flower basket and fill to replace the stolen one at Horns Cross bus
Councillor Richmond-Price is booked on to a ‘Being a Good Councillor Short
The webmaster will apply for the relevant Website Security Certificates to ensure the
website is compliant.
Road closure from 29 July to 31 July for new foul drainage for development of 16
houses in Melbury Road.
Bucks Mills Car Park. A joint letter from Parkham Parish Council and Woolsery
Parish Council had been sent to TDC and representations made to the Rt Hon
Geoffrey Cox QC MP.
Date of next meeting. Monday 3 August 2020 at 7.30pm. Depending on the social
distancing regulations in place, this may or may not be by Zoom.




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