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Parkham History Group

  1. The History Group meet at The Bell Inn at 10.30am on the last Thursday of the month.


Mission Statement:

"To preserve, celebrate and share our community's rich history. The Parkham History Group is committed to fostering a collective passion for exploring and documenting the past. Through collaborative research, storrytelling and community engagement, we aim to deepen our understanding of the local heritage and contribute to the cultural tapestry of our town for future generations"


Aims and Objectives


1. Research and Documentation 

    * Conduct comprehensive research on key aspects of local history, including landmarks, events and notable personalities.

     * Compile and document historical information through interviews, archives and primary sources.

2. Educational Programs

     * Organise workshops, lectures and presentation to share historical knowledge with the group members and wider           community.

     * Develop educational materials for local schools and community organisations.

3. Archival Preservation

     * Establish a local history archive to store and maintain historical documents, photographs an artifacts.

     * Collaborate with relevant institutions to ensure the preservation of valuable historical materials.

4. Community Engagement

     * Foster partnerships with local schools, libraries and museums to promote the importance of local history.

     * Organise community events to engage residents and raise awareness.

5. Digital Presence

      * Create a website or social media platforms to share research findings, event updates and historical content with a broader audience.

      * Develop online resources for virtual engagement and accessibilty

6. Networking

      * Connect with other local history groups, both regionally and nationally, to exchange ideas and collaborate on joint projects.

      * Attend conferences and seminars related to historical research to stay informed and inspired.

7. Publication

      * Compile and publish research findings in the form of articles, booklets or newsletter.

      * Share contribution with local publication to increase visibilty and encourage community participation.

8. Inclusive and Diversity

       * Ensure diverse perspectives are considered in historical research, reflecting the varied experiences of the communty.

       * Encourage inclusivity and welcome individuals from all backgrounds to participate in the group.

By aligning your effots with these aims and objectives, your local history research group can contribute significantly to preserve and sharing the unique heritage of your community.

For further information please contact:

Graham Bridger This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.