Risk Management Assessment




The following has been identified as falling within a Risk Management Assessment and will be adhered to by Councillors and Contractors at and between Meetings.

1. Signing of Cheques.

When signing cheques, any two of the named signatories who are signing to also initial the cheque stub.

2. Examination of Invoices.

Councillor R Brooke to examine Invoices prior to approval for payment.

3. Bank Statements.

Councillor I Pincombe to examine, check and sign Bank Statements to verify these are in order.

To be available for inspection at each Meeting.

4. Invoices.

All Invoices to be sent to the Clerk for payment.

No Invoices will be accepted for payment at the Meeting.

Invoices received after the Agenda has been prepared and therefore not included for payment will be carried forward for inclusion on the Agenda and payment at the next Meeting.

5. Budgetary Figures.

The Clerk to prepare budgetary figures for circulation to Councillors at each Meeting.

6. Account Book.

To be available for inspection at each Meeting.

7. Minutes.

To show the amounts of cheques with the cheque number against each payment.

8. Insurance.

A review of the Parish Council's Insurance arrangements to be carried out on an annual basis to ensure adequacy of cover.

9. Grants/Donations.

Organisations requesting grants for a specific event which cannot provide recent accounts due to it being a one-off event are to provide a Report of the event to show evidence that the money donated by the Parish Council can be seen to have been spent.

Organisations requesting a grant or donation in other circumstances are to send a letter of request together with a copy of the latest set of Accounts to comply with Audit Commission regulations in order for this to be Minuted.

When regular donations are requested and accounts not available, copies of the Bank Statements are required.

10. Councillors as Members of other Local Organisations.

Councillors who are members of the Village Hall Committee, Parochial Church Council or similar local Organisations are not to be present when a grant for that Organisations is considered.

In addition, they are not to be present when authority is given to sign cheques.

If that Member has to be one of the signatories who signs the cheque, the Council must instruct them to sign the cheque which has to be minuted.

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