Adopted on 3 September 2014

Policy Statement

Children, young people and vulnerable adults have the right to participate, have fun and be safe in the services provided for them and the activities they choose, or their parents/carers choose for them.

Parkham Parish Council is committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults and protecting them from abuse when they are engaged in services organised and provided by Parkham Parish Council.

We will endeavour to keep children, young people and vulnerable adults safe from abuse and suspicion of abuse will be responded to promptly and appropriately. We will at in the best interest of the child, young person or vulnerable adult at all times.

We will proactively seek to promote the welfare and protection of all children, young people and vulnerable adults permanent residents or temporarily living in the community at all times.

Parkham Parish Council will ensure that unsuitable people are prevented from working with children, young people and vulnerable adults through using safe recruitment and selection processes.

Parkham Parish Council will take any concern made by a service user, employee, volunteer or child/vulnerable adult seriously and sensitively. Concerns cannot be anonymous and should be made in the knowledge that, during the course of any enquiries, the agency that made that referral will be made clear.

Parkham Parish Council will not tolerate harassment of any service user, employee, volunteer or child/vulnerable adult who raises concerns of abuse.


Any concerns will be brought to the attention of Mrs Susan Squire, Parish Clerk, who will report the concern to Devon County Council Children's Service or Adult Services departments.

Those raising the concern must be made aware that the concern will be shared with appropriate people, but will be treated in confidence as far as possible.

Officers, employees and volunteers must not discuss the concern except with the designated officer and any agent of the organisation responsible for investigating the concern.

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