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WSkittlesThe Skittles Club at Parkham has been running for about forty years. At the moment we have six teams in the village (Four mens and two ladies). They both play in the Bideford Leagues. The mens teams are Strikers,Parkham Stars,Parkham Wurzels and Parkham Strays and they play on Monday nights during the winter.The ladies teams consist of Parkham Poppers and Misfit Moles and they play on Tuesday nights. At the end of every season we have an Individual competition where all the players play against each other. 

For those of you who don't know what skittles is.Its a game played with two teams of six players who take it in turns to throw three balls at nine skittle pins. Each player plays 6 rubs(set of three balls) and the team with the highest score wins.If you knock all the pins down with one ball (a Flopper),the pins are reset and you get your remaining balls to score as many as you can(max 27).


If you're interested in playing why not contact David or Rachel Allin on 01237 451346.

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